Labour Relations Board

Navigating the Labour Relations Board, particularly on one’s own, can be a path fraught with legal minefields. Therefore, it is imperative to have well-versed representative of high calibre.

Having twenty-three years’ experience of advocacy before the board, and being familiar with the statutory acts that the board manages, having represented both sides as it pertains to union matters, as well as having advocated in many different administrative tribunals, Court Agency am more than qualified to assist you in your case.

Court Agent’s expertise in connection to the Labour Relations Board is vast, having abundant experience in many areas that include but are not limited to:

  • Accreditation - Construction Industry
  • Ambulance Services Collective Bargaining Act, 2001
  • Breach of Settlement- Public Service of Ontario Act
  • Certification of Trade Union
  • Colleges Collective Bargaining Act, 1993
  • Consent to Institute Prosecution
  • Crown Employees Collective Bargaining Act, 1993
  • Duty of Fair Referral
  • Duty of Fair Representation
  • Early Termination of Collective Agreement
  • Employment Protection for Foreign Nationals Act, 2009
  • Employment Standards Act, 2000
  • Grievance Referrals in the Construction Industry
  • Jurisdictional Dispute - Construction Industry
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act - Appeal of Inspector’s Order
  • Ontario College of Trades and Apprenticeship Act
  • Public Sector Labour Relations Transition Act
  • Religious Exemption
  • Unfair Labour Practice - Section 96
  • Sale of Business and/or Related Employer
  • Unlawful Reprisal (See applicable statutes below)
    • A-129 - Application Regarding Unlawful Reprisal
    • A-130 - Response/Intervention - Application Regarding Unlawful Reprisal
    • C-56- Notice to Responding Party and/or Affected Party of Application Regarding Unlawful Reprisal
    • IB-35 - Information Bulletin #35
  • Section 174 of the Environmental Protection Act