We advise on all aspects of the case after full disclosure is provided and with our expertise, then where the matter is likely to go based upon the evidence. In litigation and charges alike, evidence is 75% of the case and proper presentation thereof that we can provide.


“Winning is easier than you think…”

Winning in a matter in our view is getting the best result that is warranted and available given the circumstances and the evidence. One is beset with what the matter/case will warrant and what is available in the evidence, sometimes to be determined with investigation.

Hall of Justice

“Labour Board matters”

Extensive experience on our own and with Counsel in labour matters. All aspect of labour matters assisted with included union related litigation. This includes wrongful dismissal in small claims cases.

Law Books

“Committee of Adjustment”

In both minor variance and severance matters, we achieve great results with the situation and evidence that we have to work with in the matter.
We also appeal decisions on these matters to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (formerly the Municipal Board), after discussion with our client and if an appeal is appropriate and warranted.

Scales of Justice


The premise of our goal as your legal services provider is to demonstrate and deliver our expertise to obtain for you, the best result possible in your case or matter.
We are beset with the circumstances and provisions of your case or matter, however we have the experience, tools, understanding and intangible skills developed in our time as legal services providers and advocates to give you excellent service in our profession.


Experts in Landlord/Tenant matters. Residential and Commercial. 32 years litigation experience. 5,000 trials conducted.
Experience with both large and small Landlords, through multiple changes in the legislation on Landlord and Tenant.
Experts in Labour matters, Provincial/Municipal Offences, Litigation before the Small Claims Court in contract, tort and declaratory litigation, personal injury some Criminal matter.


Network of legal services colleagues that we work with and interchange with when needed to provide supplemental advice and service to your matter or case.
We have with us experienced and professional process servers and other advocates with whom we delegate authority to round out and provide excellent discharge of all aspects of the matter or case. We have investigators that we contract on an as needed basis to get results.


Case precedents achieved before the Superior Court in Landlord/Tenant matters in trailer park litigation.
Case precedents achieved before the Landlord and Tenant Board and prior Tribunal in all aspects of Landlord and Tenant law.
Ongoing achievements in contract and tort litigation in small claims court.
Excellent results achieved for clients in labour matter cases, provincial/municipal offences and criminal law summary cases.